White Noise (Special Edition) | António Júlio Duarte

White Noise (Special Edition)
António Júlio Duarte
78 pages | color
30 x 30 cm
1 Inkjet Print | 29 x 29 cm
Signed and Numbered
Pierre von Kleist


António Júlio Duarte has been photographing casino’s lobbies in Macau for the last 10 years.

Shot at night, with a medium format camera and a flash, often in jetlagged mode, the lobbies became Duarte’s personal territory. The absurd luxury of the places combined with the strangeness of the objects, and the absence of human presence, creates a strong dreamlike feeling. We are led through a labyrinth, as if floating.

Thia work is both an important document about the little seen reality of Casino’s in Macau today, and a very personal reflection about East and West, about how to relate to the world through photography.

(edição sem Print: http://stet-livros-fotografias.com/livros/white-noise-antonio-julio-duarte/)