The Candidate | António Júlio Duarte

The Candidate
António Júlio Duarte

20 pp | colour
37 cm x 30 cm
Ghost, 2012


Macau was the last remaining European colony in China when the Portuguese transferred back the Sovereignty over Macau to China on the 20th of December 1999. The government in Macau is now headed by a chief executive, who is appointed by the People’s Republic of China’s central government after selection by an election committee, whose members are nominated by local corporate bodies.
In June 2009 Fernando Chui Sai On declared himself the sole candidate for Macau’s chief executive election. He was nominated by 286 members of the 300-member election committee, most with direct ties to Beijing. On election day, the 26th of July 2009, 282 committee members voted for Chui (14 blank, 4 abstention).

António Júlio Duarte followed Fernando Chui Sai On when he was leading his campaign in the streets of Macau in July 2009.