Imitation of Christ | William E. Jones

Imitation of Christ
William E. Jones

128 pages | 54 colour plates
17 cm x 23 cm
Silkscreen paperback
MACK, 2013


“My Jesus was a real person who did not perform miracles and was not resurrected after death. He was a political revolutionary who, in the face of circumstances that appeared hopeless, succeeded revolutionising the spirit.” William E. Jones

This illustrated essay, by US artist William E. Jones, was born from a collection of images selected from the Hammer Museum archive in LA. Jones unearthed a striking photograph by Pedro Meyer of a wounded guerrilla fighter in Nicaragua during the early 80s. This image became a prism for his selection of a further 45 images from the archive, ranging from Renaissance and Baroque prints to documentary photographs, modern Latin American art and rare books.