AUTUMN. The Wind in the Tree. The Wind in the Water | Joana Escoval + Hetamoé | 6 Dez | STET


The Wind in the Tree. The Wind in the Water.
Joana Escoval + Hetamoé

6ª feira | 6 Dezembro | 18:30h / 20:00h
STET – livros & fotografias | Rua Acácio Paiva, 20A
1700-006 Lisboa

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Four comic books will be published throughout the next years, each dedicated to a season and each featuring a surrealistic short story based on Joana Escoval’s dreams.
“Autumn / Wind in the Tree, Wind in the Water” is the first of the four seasons, and in it Joana Escoval invited Hetamoé to collaborate in a manga-specific format.
It is published by Kunsthalle Lissabon and supported by Galeria Vera Cortês.

Set in depths of a remote forest, a fifteen-year-old girl travels abruptly in her sleep, and finds herself living among what seems to be an organized society comprised solely by women. Realizing she is the matriarch, the wind blows over a fluid surface and appears to transfer her path.