Lançamento do livro 1+1=1 de Daniel Blaufuks | Pierre von Kleist | 24 Janeiro | STET

Lançamento do livro 1+1=1 de Daniel Blaufuks
Edição Pierre von Kleist

24 Janeiro | 22:00h
STET – livros & fotografias | Rua Acácio Paiva, 20A | Alvalade
1700-006 Lisboa

1+1=1 is a mathematical mistake but not necessarily an error of logic: if you add a drop of water to another drop of water, how many drops will you have? In a world where mathematics and economics are now more revered than logic and reasoning, this work tries to be a collection of silent poems on the everyday of anyone anywhere. Poetry as a means of survival, when all one hears is screams, noises and music you have not chosen. Silence is a blessing and if you add a photograph to another photograph and maybe yet another, how many photographs are you then looking at?



Fábrica | Daniel Blaufuks

Daniel Blaufuks

172 pages | color, b&w
20.5 x 25.5 cm
Hardcover w/ dust jacket
Includes DVD with film ‘Fábrica’ by Daniel Blaufuks and booklet with text by Daniel Blaufuks and Eduardo Brito (in Portuguese and English)
Pierre von Kleist & Guimarães 2012, 2013


“One cannot walk through an assembly factory
and not feel that one is in Hell.” – W.H. Auden

Fábrica, a new book and film by photographer Daniel Blaufuks, is a collection of images composed into an expanded scenery of memory, a walk through the abandoned spaces of one of the largest factories in Europe in an once flourishing industrial region, that never recovered from the loss of the textile market to the Chinese exports.

Blaufuks worked the book and the film (which comes with this edition) as a documental piece, collecting different kinds of memories, crossing old photographs, manuscripts and objects with images of the present state of the building interiors and surroundings.

The result is a reflection not only on the idea of a ‘factory’ in itself, most generic and abstract, but also about forgetting and abandonment, thus creating a significant memento about labor and the disappearance of the working class in Europe in the last century, which is one of the reasons for the present crisis in the region.