SECALHARIDADE (Livros e Serigrafia) | João Fiadeiro & Fernanda Eugénio

SECALHARIDADE (Livros e Serigrafia)
João Fiadeiro & Fernanda Eugénio
Design: Marco Balesteros
Silkcreen | leporello 7 pages
150 cm x 35 cm (one piece)
30 copies | Numbered and signed
Ghost, 2013


João Fiadeiro has distanced himself from choreographic creation, working with the Sciences of Complex Systems, Neuroscience and Anthropology to question different ways of “how to live together”. This led him to the anthropologist Fernanda Eugénio, herself drawn to the performing arts by her growing concern about the omnipresence of relativist interpretivism in the Social Sciences. Their encounter is embodied in the Conference-Performance “Secalharidade” (Mayhapness), presented at Culturgest venue, in Lisbon, in June 2012, in the framework of the festival Alkantara.

During this Conference-Performance, Fiadeiro and Eugenio create a written dialogue in real time in front of the audience. The result of this dialogue is then presented in the shape of a banner that is reproduced in this special edition.

The special edition comes with the books ‘O ENCONTRO É UMA FERIDA’ and ‘O JOGO DAS PERGUNTAS’, books that are sustaining Fiadeiro and Eugenio’s artistic research. Both books are in Portuguese.

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