Ph. 02 Paulo Nozolino / INCM / 2018

Ph. 02 Paulo Nozolino
Textos Sérgio Mah/ Rui Nunes
Coordenação: Cláudio Garrudo.
Edição bilíngue (português e inglês).
INCM, 2018


A Série Ph. é uma coleção bilingue de monografias dedicadas a fotógrafos portugueses contemporâneos. O segundo volume desta coleção é dedicado a Paulo Nozolino, figura central da fotografia contemporânea portuguesa. Considerado fotógrafo do escuro, do choque, da violência entre outros temas, afirma que as fotografias sombrias para si próprio são a realidade. Com textos de Sérgio Mah e Rui Nunes, o livro percorre a obra de Paulo Nozolino desde a década de 1970 com trabalhos realizados nas suas múltiplas viagens e estadas pela Europa, Médio Oriente, Américas e África.


Loaded Shine de Paulo Nozolino / STEIDL / 2018

Loaded Shine
Paulo Nozolino
48 pages / 20 images
21 x 29.7 cm
Hardback / Clothbound
STEIDL, 2018


Taken between 2008 and 2013 in New York, Lisbon, Paris and Berlin as well as in the French and Portuguese countryside, these photographs by Paulo Nozolino bear his usual dark symbolic syntax. Still using 35mm film and occasionally a flash, this tight sequence of vertical pictures shows us, once again, his everlasting concern for the state of the world and his quest for the pure, true, non-manipulated analogic image.

Makulatur de Paulo Nozolino / STEIDL / 2011

Paulo Nozolino
18 x 26 cm / 22 pages
STEIDL, 2011


Makulatur is an atmospheric and sincere response to the death of Nozolino’s parents. Using simple but powerful symbolism the photographs lead us on a dark journey through Nozolino’s relationship to his parents’ passing. Smashed and decrepit, burning and ripped, the subjects swell with nuance, providing an insight into Nozolino’s outlook on the destructive yet poetic nature of death.

Bone lonely de Paulo Nozolino  / STEIDL / 2011

Bone lonely
Paulo Nozolino
Text by Rui Baião
18 x 26 cm /  72 pages
Book / Hardcover
STEIDL, 2011


A suite of thirty-two photographs by Nozolino accompanied by thirty-two poems by Rui Baião, bone lonely is a meditation on one of the most intense yet simultaneously subtle human states: loneliness. “A man stands in the middle of destruction, feeling unbelievably lonely. He makes deaf images during his blind walks. Dwelling with thoughts about the loss in all conflicts, the feeling that all systems fail and the certainty that nothing lasts forever. He wonders what light shines in loneliness, what sounds come out of a moving body, what can fill the absence. He has no answers. He sees silent panic, he hears reports on people, he smells the mould, he feels the flesh aging and he tastes the drysaliva in his mouth. There seems to be no escape. He has a word pounding inside his head: resist, resist… bone lonely.”

Far Cry de Paulo Nozolino / STEIDL / 2005

Far Cry
Photographs by Paulo Nozolino
Texts by Ulrich Loock and Rui Nunes
136 pages / 24.8 x 32 cm
Hardback / Clothbound
STEIDL, 2005


Paulo Nozolino only makes black and white photographs and they are dominated by an impossible darkness that seems impenetrable to light. The photographs were made all over the world — notably in countries of the Arab world — but in the majority of cases it would be difficult to attribute a specific location to them. Photographs from Auschwitz are the decisive exception. Auschwitz appears as the absolute place and time that orientates everything else. In thirty years of a career as a photographer, Nozolino has constantly intensified his tragic vision of reality: this is visualised in pictures that originate from his own biography and travels; in pictures of men, women and children; in pictures of birth, love making and death. This publication assembles for the first time photographs from Nozolino’s different projects over the years, to form a new narrative, untold until now: the narrative of beginning and ending, and at the same time the narrative of his life’s work.

Paulo Nozolino was born in Lisbon in 1955, and lived in London and Paris before settling again in Portugal. He has published numerous books, many of his photographs of travels in Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America. The most well known of these are Penumbra (1996), including images made in Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt and Mauritania, and Far Cry (2005).