My life is going to change | Patrícia Almeida / GHOST | STET | 8 Maio | 18.30h / 21:00h

Apresentação de My life is going to change
Patrícia Almeida / GHOST na STET
6ª feira | 8 Maio | 18.30h / 21:00h

My life is going to change
Author: Patrícia Almeida
Design: Marco Balesteros
36 pp + cover (poster) | 21 x 30 cm
Digital Offse | Black and White
GHOST, 2014

STET | Rua do Norte, 14-1º andar (ao Camões) | Lisboa


Grace and John | Patrícia Almeida

Grace and John
Patrícia Almeida

40 pp | Offset
17,5 cm x 27,5 cm
Ghost, 2013


“GRACE: John, I don’t feel confortable like this.
JOHN: Yeah, I know. I know it’s hard to stay here. I know you are afraid. I know you don’t trust me much. I know you don’t believe in us, together.
GRACE: It’s almost twelve.
JOHN: When it’s twelve, I am going to say something important. Are you ready?”

“GRACE AND JOHN” comes from the collaboration between the photographer Patrícia Almeida and the performers Cláudia Dias and António Pedro Lopes at the time they were rehearsing the play “Where Does the Light Go when it’s Off” by the Portuguese choreographer João Fiadeiro. Through daily rehearsals, the performers started to create two characters, Grace and John, whose relationship is ambiguous and flexible: wife and husband? lovers? brother and sister? simples friends? This ambiguity gives birth to unexpected and slightly absurd dialogues.

Portobello | Patrícia Almeida

Patrícia Almeida

104 pp | Colour
22 x 17,6 cm
Ghost, 2009


Photography arrests time but can as well capture the action of an already arrested time, i.e. a vacancy, a time immobilized even before it is captured, a dead time. The pictures of Portobello show us bodies in expected and satisfied poses, representations of a low cost popular culture, self-fictions of proletarian glamour. But they also show us places immobilized within town-planning and architectural projects whose expression refers more to the kind of organization and arrangement of a Luna park than to the construction of places to inhabit. Places to enjoy rather than places to live in.